The Art Diary Series!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

A year ago, I started making a speed up video of myself painting. It was very challenging to film it back then because I was just using my iPod Touch with no tripod or anything, so I decided to just sit on the floor while doing the artwork and place my iPod on top of an open drawer. I really had a hard time filming but I still had fun. I was certain that I will be creating more speed up painting videos and put it up on my YouTube channel but when school started, it was kind of impossible with all the plates (disadvantage of being a fine arts student). 

                  It was not until last Thursday when I decided that I want to film speed up painting videos again. The title I made up last year for the speed-up painting videos was: The Art Diary Series. I was really itching to update my YouTube channel even though I only have 21 subscribers. I really enjoy everything about art and with my YouTube channel; I will see the progress in my work. I didn’t make those videos to be noticed. The speed up painting videos were really like a diary to me. 

                  Not only do I enjoy filming these kinds of videos but I also enjoy the editing part! I am honestly a noob when it comes to video editing because I only used Windows Movie Maker (gazillion times) and Adobe Premiere Pro (once). I remember years ago, I really want to buy a Macbook because I want to edit videos using the iMovie. I always take a lot of videos during events (especially concerts) and I really want to compile it nicely and upload them on YouTube, but with Windows Movie Maker as your video editing software? The outcome will surely be a disaster (sorry Windows Movie Maker haha). Right now, I’m getting used to editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. I wish I knew about this video editing software years ago, because if I knew about Adobe Premiere Pro… my Photography portfolio didn’t suck last semester. I did use Adobe Premiere Pro but I was clearly just experimenting. Anyway, enough about video editing programs! 

                 I decided to paint Scarlett Rose Turner because she is definitely one of my favorite YouTube personalities and also, she celebrated her birthday days ago so I think it would be a nice surprise. I really love her style, not only her style in clothes but her style when it comes to music! She also sings very well. I am a big fan of The Nerd and The Bird (the band which consists of Scarlett and Josh, her equally talented boyfriend). 
                  Tomorrow, I will make a list of personalities that I want to paint and I will really try my best to film every artwork so that my YouTube channel will always be updated. Crazy how when I decided I want to create artworks, my ultimate goal was to paint human faces because I was really interested in the intricate details of a human’s face. Maybe because I sucked at figure drawing but faces really drew my attention. Figure drawing, you're up next.

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