Hey there! My name is Luiza Artillero and I am currently a graphic designer for Forever 21 Philippines. I've been blogging ever since I was little. I started blogging using the blog feature on MySpace. I wrote about random things I liked and by random things I mean my celebrity obsessions. Then, I discovered Xanga. With Xanga, I explored HTML codes and was super obsessed with fixing my layout. I really wish I got to save old blog entries that I've made, I probably wrote about nonsense but it'll be so funny. Fastforward to 2009, I created a Blogger account and named it The Style Prodigy. At first, I was just posting my favorite fashion magazine editorials and I was still so OC with my layout. I've gained a few readers already, but decided to delete the entire blog and start again. I was super indecisive and not really sure what I wanted to blog about. I mainly want to blog about fashion with OOTDs and stuff but I tend to get really awkward in front of the camera when a random person is taking a photo of me (I know, wtf right) and I always cringe whenever I see my outfit choices to be honest. I'm 24 but I'm still discovering my style.

Anyway, I decided to keep this blog alive even though past blog entries are really crappy. This blog will be my happy place whenever I get stressed with work or in life. I will try to plan a schedule in posting blog entries so that I will be consistent (fingers crossed) Also, I'll post my artworks here and even some personal projects I'm planning to work on soon. I'm also planning to get back into writing blog entries about my current favorite fashion editorials. 

See you around the comments section! x

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