Fangirl Diaries: Bazooka Rocks

Monday, October 22, 2012

This was the most intense and the longest concert I've been to ever! I went to the venue, SMX Convention Center around 1pm already. I missed the OPM bands + Avastera, but it's all good. First thing I did was to line up at the merch table and buy some awesome merch that I will soon blog about :)
There were so many shirts available but I didn't have a hard time choosing. So sad they didn't sell The Pretty Reckless CDs!

Giant inflatable slide and arcade game machines in a freaking concert! So awesome!

Now time for a bunch of photos during the concert. It was such an awesome experience. My favorite was Forever The Sickest Kids, they were crazy!!! Guess what, I fell during their performance. It was when they told us to divide into two sections then go crazy. The crowd went wild. What an experience! Enjoy the photos:

Definitely a photo heavy post! Over all, the concert was a success. It was such a surreal experience since I saw a lot of my favorite bands in just one freaking night. An unforgettable night indeed :)

A little reminder: Please don't get the photos without my permission. Thank you.

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