Fangirl Diaries: Bazooka Rocks Meet and Greet

Sunday, October 21, 2012

               Music is my best friend. I think almost half of my bucketlist is about me seeing a certain band/artist that I love perform live. When I was a little girl, I've never imagined going to concerts and the like. I didn't know how it really works, like how to get tickets and stuff because I was so young. Then, 2009 came. I experienced my first ever concert and it was free (won tickets from a contest online) -- It was David Cook/David Archuleta's concert. I think that started it all. So far, I've been to 17 concerts (Bazooka Rocks being the most recent). I love being a fangirl. Always have, always will.

               On September 29, 2012, it was a very busy day for me. I went to school because I had Saturday classes during the first semester. Then, I went to SM Megamall for the Bazooka Rocks meet and greet. Also, to get my Pulp Royalty ID. I left early because there was also a meet and greet session happening on SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall is too far from SM Mall of Asia (the traffic was horrendous even on a Saturday!)

Still so happy I got a chance to see Avastera perform a little bit. I left while they were performing. Felt bad but I really needed to go to SM Mall of Asia.

When I arrived at the Mall of Asia, I had a chance to meet The Wonder Years even though I was a bit late (Pulp Royalty perks). On this day, I was running to MOA Arena to the Event Center in SM Mall of Asia, since the Zac Efron Fan Conference for PENSHOPPE was on the same day. It was a crazy day... a good kind of crazy haha :)

The band that I truly truly love and respect -- The Maine. I am so lucky to meet them for the third time this year! I was so happy to hug John Oh again after seven months! Haha :)

I felt like crying when I saw The Pretty Reckless in person. It was such a surreal moment. Especially the part where I spoke to Taylor Momsen. It felt like a dream! I was so nervous I just gave Taylor my gift (a bunch of accessories with skulls and stuff) and told her that they were amazing. She replied with a "thank you :)" and it was the best 'thank you' I have ever received!

Taylor definitely looked like a doll. She's so flawless.

Here are the meet and greet photos. Too bad I didn't get the chance to get a solo photo with the band. That's what I loathe during the meet and greet sessions in Manila. They just prioritize the ones who bought from the sponsor :|

The Pretty Reckless 
I cropped the photo since it was not really a good meet and greet photo. Some girl stood in front of Ben Phillips and kind of blocked him off the photo.

The Wonder Years
They were so nice! :)

The Maine
So happy to have a chance to hug every single member again :)

More and more Fangirl Diaries blog entries to come!

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