Style Origin Presents: Joe Jonas Live

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ever since I saw the Jonas Brothers' SOS music video fours years ago on Disney Channel, I didn't stop researching about Kevin, Joe and Nick and I also can't stop listening to their music. I am a die hard Jonas Brothers fan! That's why I freaked out when I saw a poster on Facebook that Joe Jonas will have a series of shows here in Manila and one show in Cebu! I didn't want to miss seeing my childhood crush in person! I read the mechanics and yet again, it was hard to get stubs when you're not an A-Card holder. But I am so lucky that my friend, Thea (my concert buddy), got us VIP tickets!!

Another check on my bucket list! Unfortunately, Joe only sang three songs. But still so happy since I saw him up close. It felt so surreal! A Jonas brother in front of me... performing. Until now, I still have a Joe Jonas hangover! Can't wait to see his billboards around Manila!

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  1. WOW! Amazing! You were that close! :) Nice!

    xoxo Raffi :)


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