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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Tumblr. I tried using Tumblr years ago and loved every single photo that was posted on my dashboard, the photos were inspiring and usually the photos of the food that are being posted on Tumblr made me hungry.

Recently, I created another Tumblr. I plan to only "like" the posts I like and not reblog every single photo/blog entry. I honestly don't like the purpose of "reblogging". I also just follow my ultimate favorite Tumblr blogs. I used to follow anyone random (they update their Tumblr 24/7 -- about a hundred posts a day. Can't imagine how they do it. It's crazy!) This time, I plan to take photos everyday and post it there. I can't use Instagram since I can't afford any Apple products/Android products. I really want to have an Instagram account, so I researched for a similar application that is compatible with my Nokia 5800. I found Molome (Instagram-like application for Symbian users) but I keep on having problems with it. I really hope you all check out my Tumblr: :)

Anyway, sorry for lack of updates! I just had some realizations lately that I don't really want to be "just another fashion blogger". Been browsing the web lately and there's quite a lot of fashion bloggers already, I think more than a thousand. I will still blog anything related to fashion & art that I love, but not for the sake of gaining readers and advertising stuff I don't really use. I also don't want to feel pressured when I blog, blogging needs to be fun! I've been blogging since I was 13 or 14 (I can't remember exactly but I was using old blog sites that time). I used Xanga, MySpace (yes, I used to blog there too), Blogger then finally, Tumblr.I just want to express what I love. Hopefully, when I enter college this June, I will update you guys on what plates I'm doing and stuff like that. I'll be taking up Advertising Arts :) Feeling very very nervous since yesterday. 

Wish me luck! x

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