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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This summer, I just planned to stay at home. It gets boring but I would rather do that than burn myself from the heat here in the Philippines. The heat is insane. I went to a doctors appointment awhile ago and I felt dizzy and got a headache after braving the heat in Manila.

Anyway, I also went to the mall with my mom and I bought a sketch pad, water color and a paint brush. I really want to start practicing my art skills since I know I will be entering college soon (I'm sure my class will be filled with talented artists) I felt so intimidated by just reading one Advertising Arts student's blog. She posts her plates there and I felt so scared since I'm not really that good with drawing. Planning to fill my new sketch pad with random sketches and hopefully will post every sketch here.

I tried creating this Natasha Poly sketch by the amazing myltan. Unfortunately, I can't really copy the amazing features of Natasha Poly :( Practice makes perfect! Have a great vacation! x

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