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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I love watching tutorials on YouTube especially when it's related to fashion. Sometimes, I also watch make-up tutorials since my sister is one of the most talented Filipina make-up gurus (check out her YouTube channel) and because the tutorials of the make-up gurus like Michelle Phan, ItsJudyTime, MacBarbie07 and ScarlettRoseTurner are so addictive! :)

I came across a video weeks ago about this channel, FAWN (short for For All Women Network). They haven't uploaded any episodes yet but after watching teasers, announcements about the channel and more teasers.. I cannot absolutely wait for the videos! :) It features Michelle, Promise, Chriselle, Bethany, Daven, Andrea and Jessica!

From their YouTube channel: FAWN (For All Women Network) is an online network catering to innovative and conscious minded young women who enjoy beauty, fashion and a contemporary lifestyle. Our programming aims to entertain and inspire showcasing everyone from fashion forward designers to the hottest celebrities and will be taking you to the most incredible locations all over the world. FAWN, the network for women just like you.

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