The Art Diary Series Episode 4 - Kylie Jenner

Sunday, July 27, 2014


These days, I find it so hard to film because I have to prioritize school works (plates, researches, and the like) But one of my goals this year is to really focus on updating my YouTube channel and fill it up with videos! For the fourth episode of The Art Diary, I chose the selfie queen -- Kylie Jenner. I had a hard time on choosing what photo should I paint since she has like over a million photos posted online!

                  I will admit that I watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously and I shamelessly love every freaking episode. It's just so entertaining to watch! I get excited whenever I see Kendall and Kylie on the episodes because they don't appear as often as the Kardashians.

                  I am so curious on what Kylie will focus on doing in the future. Kendall is doing great on her modelling stints (Givenchy, Chanel... just to name a few!) Oh, and I am planning to make a Kendall Jenner episode next month too!

PS: Thank you so much for helping me reach 100 subscribers on YouTube! xx

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