The Art Diary Series - Episode 3!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

For the Episode 3 of The Art Diary Series, I chose one of my favorite YouTube personalities, Katy Bellotte also popularly known as hellokatyxo. I remember the first time I watched one of her videos on YouTube; it was three years ago and I’m positive that it was a room tour video because it’s always been my guilty pleasure watching room tour videos. It’s just so much fun to watch! Other videos I’m also obsessed with watching are definitely what’s in my (school, beach, office, etc) bag videos and random do-it-yourself project videos.

Honestly, this episode is the toughest episode I filmed because of numerous reasons:
  • I don’t own a tripod and I always just borrow one from my sister but it’s not always available since she also needs to film. 
  • The lighting changes every second because the weather here in Manila is weird. One minute it’s raining, and then it’s sunny again. 
  • My paintbrushes suck 
  • I have 0% knowledge on painting legit looking hair. 
  • Battery-life: I always need to charge in between takes 
  •  Memory card capacity: I own an 8GB memory card and the size of the videos compiled together in their normal speed is around 21GB. 
  •  Again, I need to borrow my sister’s computer for editing. 
                  These are the numerous reasons why I think filming these kinds of videos very challenging. But when I finish editing and I watch the finished product on repeat, I feel that all my efforts were definitely worth it. I know I don’t have a lot of subscribers, followers and readers of this blog but I really just blog mainly because I want my future self to see what I did back in the day (if and only if Blogger is still alive which I hope it’s still is when I’m a lot older)

 Can’t wait to film episode 4!

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