What I Bought: Accessories at the SuperSale Bazaar ☺

Monday, December 03, 2012

I only bought a few things because I didn't set a budget the day I went to the bazaar (sigh regrets!) Haha but pretty happy with all the accessories I bought! Yay for more arm candies ☺
 If you know me personally, you would know that I am addicted to skulls since 6th grade. Maybe it's because of my addiction to Avril Lavigne back then but I really love looking at skulls! I sound so weird right now but if my friends are having a hard time finding gifts for me, I would tell them to buy me anything with skulls, spikes or anything black :)

 Another skull bracelet ☺

 Black bracelet with gold detailing :)

 Finally bought a sleep mask! I broke two of my sleep masks already :( 
Hopefully this one will last longer!

 My new wallet! I still need to have a card & coin holder inside but this is totally gorgeous! I love the color and the stud details ☺ The things I don't like about this purse is the smell and there are no card/coin holders inside :( I still love it though... :)

1) Pink skull bracelet - 50 pesos: MANIQUI MANILA
2) White skull bracelet - 70 pesos: forgot :(
3) Black bracelet with gold detailing - 50 pesos: MANIQUI MANILA
4) Sleep mask - 50 pesos: forgot :(
5) Hot pink wallet - 220 pesos: POP LUXE

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