Photo Diary: SuperSale Bazaar!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I went to the SuperSale bazaar awhile ago with my sisters. I really didn't have an exact budget since I still have no idea what to expect in that specific bazaar. Outside the venue, there were a lot of food stalls - Manang's Chicken, Sbarro, Sophie's Mom... etc. It was so exciting to see Sophie's Mom since I've read a lot of great reviews about them and the day has finally come for me to try them myself! Anyway, the moment I stepped in the venue of the SuperSale bazaar, I felt overwhelmed with all the pretty booths, I didn't know where to start!

I really wish I saved up for this bazaar :( I saw a lot of gorgeous sunnies, earrings, bracelets, shoes, bags... everything! I really think the entrance fee of P100.00 is definitely worth it (even though we got our tickets for free, thanks to Deal Dozen!) You can definitely find perfect gifts for your friends (more specifically girls because the majority of the things being sold there are for the ladies) :) You will also enjoy the food too! 

My tip: bring lots of cash! haha just kidding... my serious tip is to buy things wisely. Don't just buy and buy and leave the bazaar broke as hell. You need to set a budget first. I know we need to give gifts and all but who wants to be broke during the first day of 2013?

SuperSale bazaar is only until the 5th of December, so hurry up and buy tickets already! ☺

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