The Girl in the Pink Dress

Monday, August 01, 2011

Random sketch I made yesterday - July 31, 2011. It was raining and I was bored on a Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, I could post my random artworks twice a week here in my blog ☺

PS → I was the one who taught myself how to draw. I know my sketches are not that jaw-dropping, please be nice to me. Haha ☺

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  1. hey.. mmm hi.. im just wondering if i could use this sketch of yours as an accent to my invitation for my debut if you don't mind?, i find your sketch good that's why i saved it on my laptop. :)

  2. mmmm hi... i was just wondering if i could copy your sketch and use it as accent for my invitation on my 18th birthday.. i hope you don't mind.. you're sketch is great by the way.. its so cute.. :)

  3. @Peng: Of course you can! It would be a pleasure. Thank you so much! Could you please take a photo of the invite and email it to me? I'm so flattered! Thanks again! Enjoy your debut ;)

  4. ok ok.. i will send you a photo of the invitation.. im working on it.. :)) thanks allot and well.. i can't get over how cute your drawings are.. :)) i saw it on tumblr..:)))) thanks ate luiza.. :) <3 God bless :)

  5. THANKYOU SOOO MMUUUCCCHH!! ok ok i will send you a photo of the invitation and let you know as soon as i finished working on it.. hehe.. by the way.. i just can't get over how cute your drawings are.. i saw it on tumblr..:))))) more success and keep it up.. thank you again and God Bless <3 :))))) SMILE!

  6. i hope you're gonna allow the changes. :) thankyou so much.. I'll send you pictures. :)

  7. aww. the plans were not posted. ate, your drawing will be the centerpiece on the stage together with this " () Lara turns 18" () represents your sketch. My cousins said it will be 3 ft tall and will be placed on the stage near the cake and other decorations. and i'll put the sketch on my invitation too. :)

    1. Can't wait to see the photos! Please email them to me. You can check out my email on the sidebar <<< :) I will definitely blog about it!! :) :) Thank you so much! xx

  8. ATE LUIZA! im done with the invites! i just finished sending the fotos. :) thankyou so much! i will be sending a photo of the event where ur drawing will be the back draft on the stage. :) thankyou so much! :))

  9. i just finished sending the photos to your email. thank you so much ate! i will be sending another photo of my debut where your drawing will be the back draft of the stage. :) thankyou ate! :))

  10. i forgot to take a picture of the envelopes with the drawing too. ill just send it to you if i have time. thankyou ate. :)


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