Review: PENSHOPPE's Personal Care Collection + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

PENSHOPPE was so kind to send me their entire Personal Care Collection! The moment I received the package, I wanted to blog about it already (but unfortunately, I was loaded with school stuff!) Anyway, I blogged about their Personal Care Collection back in August. Feel free to check it out :) Now to the review.... (plus a surprise at the end of the blog post!)

 My personal favorite - UNLIMITED (For Women)

If you know me personally, you would know that I'm very picky when it comes to fragrances. Honestly, when I saw that there was a fragrance bottle inside the package I got pretty nervous! But the moment I sprayed a small amount on my wrist and smelled the scent of UNLIMITED Eau de Toilette, I fell in love. It's that kind of scent wherein you want to smell over and over again. In short, it's addictive! Can you imagine it's only P249.00?

Impressed with these aqualiners! When I saw these aqualiners, I thought they were just typical eyeliners. I was totally wrong. The moment I swatched them on my hand, I felt the aqualiner's softness, unlike other eyeliners which are hard and very irritating to apply on the eyes. These aqualiners are different! It will definitely give your eyes that certain oomph! 


I also received Rouge Limited Edition Lip Shade in Sangria. It's a cool red color. I really don't know how to describe lipsticks since I'm not a beauty expert like my sister but, this color I guess is more suitable for fair skinned women :)

Last but not the least the make-up brush set! Like what I've stated above, I'm not a make-up expert / beauty blogger to know what are the pros and cons of these brushes. But personally, I like them all! :)

And now for the surprise!

I'm giving away two Rouge Limited Edition Lip Shade in Sangria 
and one UNLIMITED Eau de Toilette!

1. Follow me on Twitter: 
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3. Tweet: "I want to win @IzaArtillero's @PENSHOPPE giveaway! #TeamPENSHOPPE -"  

I'll be selecting three winners! One each for the lipsticks and one for the UNLIMITED Eau de Toilette! Deadline: September 24! GOOD LUCK! x

*The prizes for the giveaway are not sponsored by PENSHOPPE. I just want to give away some of my favorites from their Personal Care Collection! ☺

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  1. Please please please, i hope i win!!! :(

    1. How much are the liners? I think they are good .. hope you'll do some swatches :)

    2. The Mirage aqualiners are 149.00 :) Good luck!

  2. Folled you on twitter @B1l0g
    liked your FB fan page Bilog Austria
    tweeted at


  3. So love them all...*crossed-fingers* :)

  4. Just tweeted!!!! I hope i win! :) (crossfingers)

  5. Just tweeted! I hope i win the lippy! :x (crossfingers) <3

  6. Now I wanna rush to Penshoppe to try these. especially the aqualiners and lipsticks. whoa...THanks for the post.. Joining too..

    twitter - candycoatedpaw
    fb - Candycoated Paw
    Tweet -

    I love your honest post/opinions btw. Keep em up..

  7. joined your giveaway..:)

  8. Done!

    Followed| Twitter name: @LalaValderama
    Liked| The Style Prodigy Fanpage
    Tweet post|

  9. I joined! I also added your nice blog to my reading list :)

  10. Wow! Good thing I've bumped into your site and saw an awesome giveaway here! I'm addicted to contest giveaways, I hope to win!:) love those beauty makeups! I'll share this also to my friends to join :)

    Btw,Done all of them! Followed you on twitter, liked your fan page and tweeted it here

    Thanks for this giveaway! God bless :)

  11. yes!! i won! thankyou! ive already sent you a text msg.!

  12. yehey!! i won! already sent you a text msg..Godbless!

  13. Where did you get the pictures all are wonderful. How much the wallet? Recently I have purchased a handbag through online shopping site. Good collections are their and the quality also good.

    Handbags and wallets - To Bargain

    1. I took the photos myself :) That is not a wallet, it's a brush kit for make-up :)


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